Lift Refurbishment Contract: Lift Installation Project

BUPA Brighton Lift Installation Project

Lift Installation Project

The Client vacated the building whilst it underwent a complete re-fit including all new services and lifts.
The building was served by two hydraulic lifts which did not handle the floor to floor traffic efficiently and often overheated.

The services consultants specified complete replacement of the hydraulic lifts with two electric traction machine room-less lifts operating at an increased speed and capable of 180starts/hour to better handle the inter-floor traffic whilst reducing energy consumption.

Guideline secured the contract to remove the existing lifts and install two new eight person lifts within the existing shafts. The new lifts were gearless AC traction with energy saving drives and controllers fitted with ECO software.

The new machines were positioned at high level within the lift shafts, whilst the controllers were located remotely in the old hydraulic pump room.

Following re-occupation, the client has benefited from improved and more efficient lift service with reduced running costs.

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