A Guide to the New Lift Directive

The new Lift Directive 2014/33/EU (95/16/EC recast) that was published on 29th March 2014 will be enacted in new Lift Regulations in the UK. However unlike the original Directive, there is no transition period, meaning installers and manufacturers must be ready by 20th April 2016.

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10 Things Owners Should Know About Lift Safety

Building owners and operators aren’t always certain about the responsibilities that fall upon them with regards to their lift safety. Here, we give our top 10 snippets of information that could save a world of pain should your lifts become unsafe.

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Lifting Energy Standards in your Building

For every building across the UK, there is an increasing pressure to find ways of minimising their Carbon Footprint – and with good reason. According to the Committee on Climate Change, as of 2012, emissions from buildings accounted for 37% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions. Both in terms of the environmental impact – and of course, the impact on a building’s bottom line – the benefits of seeking energy efficient building technologies are plentiful.

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Lift Maintenance on the Agenda after Shaft Lift Failure

Recent high-profile lift failure has cast a spotlight on building operators’ responsibility to ensure that when their lifts are not in full working order, there is no risk of passenger injury as a result. The cause of these issues is often due to operators neglecting the machinery, assuming that nothing is likely to go wrong. Of course, without proper maintenance, it can and it will.

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