Lift innovation is something that you probably don’t consider on a day-to-day basis. As long as your lift works, why question it?

At Guideline, we do question things. We want our lifts to work harder for you. We want them to work more efficiently for you. We want them to be as cost-effective as possible for you. This is why we invest heavily in lift innovation, to ensure you get the best service for your building.

Whether its the simple act of dimming lights when not in use, or more complex innovations that can predict when your lift is about to fail, we’re proud to say we’re at the forefront of modern lift technology.

Our development work in lift solutions is tailored exactly to customer needs, making Guideline Lift Services a strong and reliable partner when it comes to intelligent passenger transportation.

Here are just a few ways we are pushing the boundaries in lift innovation:

Lift Innovation - Eco life lift lighting control

Eco-Life Lift Lighting Control

Save £100s on lift lighting costs; Lighting Control automatically dims the lights in your lifts.

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GEMS – Real Time Reporting – Lift Management

GEMS – Real Time Reporting – Lift Management

Our tailor-made management system that gives you direct, live access to a web-based management and asset reporting system.

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