Eco-Life Lift Lighting Control

Save £100s on the cost of lighting your lift when it’s not in use with Guideline’s Eco-Life Lift Lighting Control.

This simple system automatically dims the lights when your lift is left dormant, eradicating unnecessary power usage and saving money on annual maintenance and lighting bills.

Potential Savings Available With Eco-Life Lift Lighting Control

Lighting Configuration* Annual Cost* £s Potential Saving at 50% usage £s Potential Saving at 35% usage £s Potential Saving at 20% usage £s Potential Saving at 10% usage £s
4 x 50w GU10 24hrs/day 7 days/week 174.72 78.62 102.21 139.78 157.25
5 x 50w GU10 24hrs/day 7 days/week 218.40 98.28 127.76 174.72 195.56
6 x 50w GU10 24hrs/day 7 days/week 262.08 117.94 153.32 209.64 235.87
4x 2ft fluorescent tubes 24hrs/day 7 days/week 76.88 34.60 44.97 61.50 69.19
4x 4ft fluorescent tubes 24hrs/day 7 days/week 153.75 69.19 89.94 123.00 138.38

*per lift car.

Eco-Life Lift Lighting Control in Action: Barbican Arts Centre

Eco-Life Lift Lighting ControlGuideline recently installed Eco-Life Lift Lighting Controls in two of the busiest passenger lifts in the prestigious Barbican Art Centre, the largest performing arts centre in Europe. Located in the City of London, the centre management is very keen to embrace measures to reduce both their energy usage and carbon footprint.

The lifts were fitted with different types of lighting control sensors to demonstrate the suitability of differing technologies and all performed faultlessly. The sensitivity was so good and the lift car lights turned on so quickly when it was called that the passengers were not even aware that of what the controller was doing.

Measured over a three-month period, Eco-Life Lift Lighting reduced the measured energy consumption by 77% with commensurate savings in energy costs compared to the period immediately before the installation.

Install Eco-life Lift Lighting Control Today

As an existing Guideline Lift Services customer, you can have Eco-Life Lift Lighting Control installed for the discounted rate of just £199 + VAT.

This exclusive rate is only available to exiting Guideline clients and saves £50 on the cost of installation. Once ordered, our engineers will install the system on their next visit to the school and give the building manager a quick demonstration on how it works.

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