New Gate Lock Valves Boost Hydraulic Lift Safety

In the interests of reinforcing the safety of hydraulic lifts, there is a component now available that can help to eliminate potential lift disasters – the Gate Lock Valve.

This safety upgrade has been designed as a backup should the main valve unit develop a significant leak that the electric re-levelling cannot cope with. Should this happen, there is a chance that the lift could move downwards with the lift doors open – exposing passengers to the lift shaft, and exposing your building to consequential legal action.

The Gate Lock Valve is the answer, protecting your business and building occupants from harm.

The component is effectively an electronic ball valve. When the lift arrives at floor level with the doors open, the gate lock valve is de-energised and closed; hence the lift cannot sink down. This also prevents un-controlled movement of the lift whilst passengers are entering or disembarking the lift. Only once the lift gets an electrical signal to drive (when the existing control system tells it to do so), will the gate lock energise and allows the lift to move.

Gate Lock Valves can be installed on any make and model of hydraulic lift unit – whether in retrofitting existing lifts, or implementing as part of a new specification. Upon installation, a TUV A3 HYDRAULIC certificate will be issued for the Gate Lock Valve and new hand winding instructions will be provided.

Your building’s lift safety must not be overlooked. With the Gate Lock Valve, you can demonstrate that you are considering every possible outcome and are acting accordingly

If you would like to hear more or are interested in having the Gate Lock Valve incorporated as part of your building’s lift safety, get in touch with Guideline.


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