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The History of Guideline

Guideline Lift Services is one of the most experienced lift companies in the UK. Established in 1972, serving facilities managers in the South East, Guideline quickly went from strength to strength, offering clients a trustworthy, reliable and efficient lift service.

As a leading provider of bespoke lift solutions, Guideline Lift Services has been providing breakdown response services, lift repairs, lift maintenance 24/07/365, modernisation solutions, and new lift installations throughout the UK.

With a variety of clients ranging from small-scale installations to government institutions, property management companies, main contractors, and housing associations, we are extremely proud of our portfolio.

Guideline Lifts Services has recently become a member of KLEEMANN Group of Companies, looking forward to expanding our service area and facility, powered by this incorporation.

KLEEMANN Group is one of the most important lift manufacturers in the European and global markets offering all kinds of lifts for residential and commercial use, including lifting systems, moving walks, escalators, marine lifts, and lifts that meet special requirements. Its sales network operates in over 100 countries, with local commercial presence in important markets including the UK, France, Germany, Australia and USA, and with local production facilities in Greece as well as in Serbia and China. KLEEMANN is standing out for its widest product range in the world, high quality and control standards, world class design, for the special solutions it provides and for its record fast delivery for commodity products.

Having been exporting to the UK for over 20 years and establishing KLEEMANN Lifts UK in 2011, KLEEMANN’s presence in the UK has been defined by its close collaboration with architects, engineers and contractors, participating in prestigious projects around the country.

In addition to our incorporation with KLEEMANN, we are also excited to become the new home for Focus Lifts and Lift Source, which have merged with Guideline Lift Services.

Focus Lifts specialises in designing and installing lifts of special requirements and Lift Source is expert in in lift installation by providing products fit to purpose on time and to specification.

We are pleased to welcome the Focus Lifts and Lift Source experienced team to the Guideline division. With our combined knowledge and expertise, we have built a stronger and larger team of professionals whose primary goal is to meet any need you might have for your project.

We now have access to new resources and capabilities to continuously drive value for you, and businesses around the UK, faster than ever before, with unprecedented quality and support.

There is nothing we can’t accomplish to provide you with the best lift solution.

Being a member of KLEEMANN Group of Companies and with our expertise combined, there is nothing we can't accomplish to provide you with the best possible solution.

We consistently deliver on-time, with our highly skilled-lift engineers fully testing each installation to ensure maximum efficiency from the outset

Why choose Guideline Lift Services?

With our experience as a lift service provider, we can create truly bespoke lift solutions using components from the world’s leading lift manufacturers.

Consequently, our passenger lifts have a longer lifespan than alternatives with less advanced technology, resulting in significantly lower lift maintenance costs over time.

We consistently deliver on schedule, and our highly skilled lift engineers thoroughly test each installation from the beginning to ensure maximum efficiency. With a wide range of options that can be customized to match your specific requirements, our experts can assist you in selecting the right new lift for your needs.

New installations are covered by a 12-month free servicing provision, and all component parts are covered by their own transferrable warranties.

Meet The Team

Martin Oliver

Managing Director

Andrew Pau

Area Service Manager

Leigh Anderson

MPS Contract Manager

Dave West

Service Sales Manager

Jonathan Hallett

Associate Director of Projects

Richard Holland

Junior Sales Engineer

Stuart Proctor

H&S Associate Director

Lesley Ambrose

Service Sales Administrator

Nick Worsley

Associate Director of Service

Steve White

Project Sales Manager

Harry Papanastasiou

Engineer Surveyor

Stevie Richardson

Helpdesk / Key Accounts Supervisor

Matthew Turner

Project Manager

Chris Johnson

Associate Director of Repairs

Steve Skingley

Project Manager

Daniel Learmouth

Associate Director of Sales

Amanda Portwin

Helpdesk Administrator

Sarah Medcalf

Compliance and Security Manager

Steve Jebson

IT Manager Developer

Linda Klyszcz

Accounts & Payroll Manager