COVID Solutions

Our Covid-19 Solutions

AS THE COVID – 19 Pandemic allows some of us to slowly return back to work, we have put together a selection of control methods, beat suited for Lift cars, lobbies, handrails & equipment throughout the workplace. Making sure that your workplace is as safe as possible for all returning work forces.

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Ground breaking coating technology with anti-microbial qualities has been developed together by BROMOCO International and leading bio-chemist. This virtually invisible coating can be fitted on site, and can be applied to all touchable surfaces within the lift car and lift landings including push buttons and handrails, protecting you and your customers at all costs. The coating provides high levels of long term microbial protection against germs, virus, mould

and fungi built into the coating. Lift Products protected with Touch Antimicrobial will:

  • Reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%
  • Be effective against viruses
  • Be easier to keep hygienically clean
  • Reduce cross-contamination
  • Offer lasting protection from bacteria and mould
  • A single application lasts up to 10 years


As part of our on-going commitment to the safetly of all of our customers, we are delighted to specify, suitably clean and fit low tac appropriate social distancing signage to the floors within your lifts. Allowing passengers and colleagues to travel safely up and down within the building, following social distancing regulations.

Compliance with social distancing guidelines will become an ever prevelant implementation of the ‘back to work’ protocol moving forward, and our aim is to make this transition
as easy and safely as possible for all of our customers and work teams involved.
We can supply and fit these signs at the fantastic price of £295.00 plus VAT per lift.
Not only can we supply and fit the low tac social distancing floor signage to your lifts, but, if you let us know how many lifts you have operating within the business, we can send out our lowtac 150 x 300mm Covid safety instruction stickers for FREE, to highlight the key methods of staying safe while traveling in the lift car.


The Air Pure Elevator Air Purifier has been specifically developed for elevators and other confined spaces. Cleaning, purifying and disinfecting the air within the Lift carriage to eliminate bacteria by up to 99%.

We are all now acutely aware that disease can spread from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth which are transmitted when a person coughs or exhales into the surrounding airspace. Air Pure reduces the transmission of these droplets by circulating the air within the elevator cabin through a 2-stage disinfection and purification process.

The GERMAGICTM filter, is an antimicrobial coating which gives “contact-killing”, “releasekilling” and “anti-adhesion” abilities to HEPA filters. Unlike conventional antimicrobial technologies, GERMAGICTM releases Reactive Oxygen Species in a controlled-manner, resulting in the germicidal effect within the coating’s proximal area. as the air passes through the filter.

One Air Pure purifier can disinfect an enclosed 5m3 cabin quickly with its output air flow reaching 60 m3/h. Assuming the dimension of normal elevator as 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.3m, it can complete the air-change process 11 times per hour. Biological recognition technology can successfully recognise when passengers are on board. It will start to work immediately when a passenger enters the lift cabin. Once the passenger exits, the unit will continue to operate for a limited period to ensure the elevator has been disinfected before returning to stand-by.


We are delighted to offer a selection of Anti bacterial Dewhurst US95 AB buttons. These are manufactured with antibacterial protection to help prevent growth of bacteria, Both the button pressel and the surround have this technology, protecting against bacteria such as MRSA, E-coli, Staph-A and many more.

Health and safety guidelines will become an ever prevalent implementation of the ‘back to work’ protocol moving forward, our aim is to make this transition as easy and safely as possible for all of our customers and work teams involved.