Celebrating 40 years

Celebrating 40 years

03 / 06 / 12

Founded in 1972 by Peter Jepheart and Bob Deevey, we are now one of the leading independent lift companies in the UK and we are pleased to be celebrating our 40th birthday.

Since our start-up in the humble surroundings of a one-room office, a lot has happened over the years. In fact, our kick-start to stardom was a maintenance award of 80 units by one company in 1974. We were the only independent company at the time that could undertake this type of work on a disabled lift.

Over the past 40 years we have had to adapt and comply with the changes in regulations, recommendations and standards, particularly in regards to Health and Safety. Customer expectations have also increased due to the commercial, social and technological change in the industry.

There will inevitably be more and more changes over the coming years that we will need to adapt to. But by working closely with our partners in the independent manufacturing and supply side of the industry, we will continue to provide our clients with an innovative and technical service for the next 40 years!