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Specialists in the design and installation of lifts that exceed standard requirements

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Focus Lifts’ core business is working as contractors and subcontractors for some of the United Kingdom’s most reputable lift companies. Focus Lifts is a company that specialises in the design and installation of lifts that exceed standard requirements.

Focus Lifts has established an enviable reputation for completing complex hydraulic lift installations since its formation. There are various kinds of lifts installed in these facilities, such as heavy-duty passenger lifts, goods lifts, and vehicle lifts. In fact, some of these landmarks can be found within some of the newest and most prestigious buildings in London.

The company’s portfolio includes passenger lifts, goods lifts, and vehicle lifts. In addition to hydraulic and low to medium rise traction lifts, Focus Lifts also provides a comprehensive range of services including lift installation, supply and installation, supply only, lift modernisation, lift technical support, lift testing and commissioning.

As a result of our trained, experienced lift engineers, we work on traditional traction lifts, machine-room-less lifts, as well as on hydraulic lifts manufactured by a variety of lift manufacturers.

With our goal of enhancing the high-quality installation and services that are associated with our name, we recently merged with Guideline Lift Services, a KLEEMANN company. As a leading provider of bespoke elevator solutions, Guideline Lift Services has been providing lift solutions since 1972 and is one of the most experienced lift companies in the UK, providing breakdown response services, lift repairs, lift maintenance 24/7/365, modernisation solutions, and new lift installations throughout the UK.

KLEEMANN Group is one of the most important lift manufacturers in the European and global markets offering all kinds of lifts for residential and commercial use, including lifting systems, moving walks, escalators, marine lifts, and lifts that meet special requirements. Its sales network operates in over 100 countries, with local commercial presence in important markets including the UK, France, Germany, Australia and USA, and with local production facilities in Greece as well as in Serbia and China. KLEEMANN is standing out for its widest product range in the world, high quality and control standards, world class design, for the special solutions it provides and for its record fast delivery for commodity products.

We are truly excited about this merger, with Guideline being the new home for Focus Lifts. With our experience and expertise combined, there is nothing we can’t accomplish to provide you with the best solution.