Guideline Lift Services can provide new lift installations for almost every application, from simplex to eight-car groups. Whether replacing an outdated and inefficient elevator or installing one as part of an entirely new development, we can survey your project, provide expert advice and quote you a competitive price to complete the installation.

Why choose Guideline Lift Services?

With our experience as a lift service provider, we can create truly bespoke lift solutions using components from the world's leading lift manufacturers.

Consequently, our passenger lifts have a longer lifespan than alternatives with less advanced technology, resulting in significantly lower lift maintenance costs over time.

We consistently deliver on schedule, and our highly skilled lift engineers thoroughly test each installation from the beginning to ensure maximum efficiency. With a wide range of options that can be customized to match your specific requirements, our experts can assist you in selecting the right new lift for your needs.

New installations are covered by a 12 month free servicing provision, and all component parts are covered by their own transferrable warranties.

What types of lift do we install?

We’ve fitted lifts for a variety of applications across a range of building types – from commercial skyscrapers and residential towers, to listed buildings and individual properties.

Our team of project managers and engineers are vastly experienced and are best positioned to advise on any type of new passenger lift installation.

Legislation and safety

UK lifts are subject to numerous regulations for building managers and businesses to consider. Guideline Lift Services are experts on the relevant legislation and we’re positioned to offer the best advice on installing lifts that are regulation compliant.

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