Lift Modernisation

There are many reasons to consider lift refurbishment, upgrades or modernisation. From troublesome reliability to a disharmony with building decor, elevators are important aspects of modern life and their performance is essential to building efficiency – be it an office building, residential block or industrial facility.

Whilst an entirely new lift installation might well be the answer, we can survey your lifts and advise on any individual component replacements that will result in improved elevator efficiency. Get in touch for free expert consultation on lift modernisation and refurbishment.

Update your aesthetics

Building aesthetics are important for creating a positive first impression, and lift appearance should not be overlooked. Whether it's part of an overall building redevelopment or simply to modernize the lift appearance, we can work with you and advise you on the best way to bring your lifts up to date, just as we did at the Palace of Westminster and the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

How we can improve lift performance

Guideline Lift Services offers all types of lift modernisation and refurbishment, from simple control panel changes to complete facelifts at multiple sites. Our access to thousands of individual components from the top lift manufacturers allows us to provide the right solution for each specific project at a competitive price.

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