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Environmental changes within the business

Lift services environment influences energy costs which are quickly becoming a major building performance indicator. Here at Guideline Lift Services, we’re doing a lot to reduce both our, and our clients’ carbon footprint by ensuring we use the latest green technologies in our products and services.

Recent advances in lift technology mean that we can improve the overall efficiency of your elevator with relative ease. Older lift systems, for example, are probably using a hydraulic drive with no counterweight, which is far less efficient than a modern traction drive system. Traction drive systems are now just as cost-effective to install and are often 50% more efficient than older elevators.

In addition, a modern elevator system offers a number of further benefits such as saving space, quicker journey times, shorter waiting times and longer service intervals. Control systems such as Guideline’s Lighting Control also save on energy consumption by dimming lights when not in use.

Furthermore, in accordance with our BSI accreditation – ISO 14001 – all maintenance contracts are developed with the environment in mind. We utilise green products such as oils and cleaning substances, recycled cloths, natural granules as well as offering low energy alternatives to your current lift installation.

Online reporting systems such as GEMS reduce the need for unnecessary paperwork and all engineers use PDAs and smart phones for recording routine maintenance work. Our entire fleet includes LPG vans and we will soon be making the change to start-stop, Cat 5 diesel vans.