Churchill Place

We successfully tendered for the replacement of a conventional 8 car group supervisory based call management system, with a Hall Call Destination system, together with the maintenance of all lifts within the building against formidable opposition, including major multi-national companies. The client who is an established Financial Services Global Leader within the prestigious area of Canary Wharf, has had previous world wide experience of Hall Call Destination, and required a smooth transition from system to system combining high performance with a flexible solution.

The specification written by Principle Designer and Lift Consultant Les Oliphant of O&M Lift Consultancy Services Ltd, required the new system to meet future traffic demands due to the diversity and increase in the building population, together with the isolation of floors 7&8 to create a new tenant demise, with the minimum of disruption to the building occupiers.

During the tender process, we selected Thames Valley Controls Ltd as our preferred supplier, utilizing their Ethos Navigator Hall Call Destination System. The product had successfully been used in over ten similar installations previously. Knowing especially that they had previous experience of an 8 car Hall Call Destination Group, including a three year warranty, together with the support they would provide during the tender, installation and subsequent maintenance period were all factors in our selection.

As all works were to be carried out outside normal operating hours and having been appointed Principle Contractor, we had decided at tender and planning stage that a huge amount of preparatory works could be completed prior to any lifts being removed from service. These works included the diamond drilling of required apertures, installation of serial wiring looms, the installation of the dispatcher together with the fitting of a selection of landing touch screen pedestals, wall mounted touch screens and keypads at various different levels. Following these works our test engineers carried out functional site testing of the HCD system in conjunction with TVC.

Upon completion of the first stage of the works, it was vital to provide the client with the best possible service with a high degree of flexibility. To this end we developed in conjunction with O&M Lift Consultancy Services Ltd a system using the floor by floor population as a measurement to utilize both the original system and the new HCD system as each pair of lifts came on line to maximise full use of both systems for the client and tenant.