Royal Garden Hotel

Lift 11 in the Royal Garden Hotel is an essential goods lift for the hotel and is used for major deliveries servicing the hotels functions and exhibitions.

The original lift was installed 1963, but had not been modernised and was subsequently worn, misused and in an unreliable state to the point where major failure was imminent.


As the incumbent maintenance provider for the hotel, Guideline were awarded the contract to replace this particular lift. After extensive research and proof of concept we consulted with The Royal garden and chose the Twin Ram hydraulic heavy duty goods/passenger lift. Reliability was a key metric not surprisingly and our choice has proven to be a fine decision, continued reliability is one of the things that only becomes apparent when the lift doesn’t work- job solved here and the customer is delighted with the efficiency and ease of use.


As part of the process the existing borehole was capped and a new installation completed. All building works necessary were included as part of the lift contract to provide a “Turn Key” project. The works were completed under the CDM regulations and Guideline were the principal contractor. The good news is that the customer continues to work with Guideline and we are part of the on going structure.